Who can be a Strategic Partner?

A partner can be any U.S. or foreign entity that meets the following criteria:

  • Is an established organization or business (generally with a history of three or more years in operation) that is well-known locally, regionally or nationally among the relevant businesses and organizations in their respective field.
  • Is known to the Office of Strategic Partnerships as a reputable organization or business.
  • Is not involved in any dispute or controversy which could reasonably cast doubt on the propriety of the ITA being associated with such entity as confirmed by a comprehensive news search of relevant print and on-line publications covering the most recent twelve months.
  • Demonstrates established relationships with customers and/or members that are appropriate targets for ITA promotional campaigns.
  • Demonstrates an established reach in terms of raw numbers to the U.S. business community and general public.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to engage both customers/members with whom it has established relationships - and the general public - in carrying out the proposed project.
  • Demonstrate a focus that is consistent with the goals and mission of the agency.

How should the activities differ from the International Buyer Program (IBP) when it comes to Trade Shows and Associations?

The purpose of these agreements is to conduct trade promotion activities with an outside entity throughout the fiscal year; it is not to offer focused promotion and support of an individual trade show. Using these agreements with a Trade Show or Association entity should be a longer term strategy, with several trade promotion activities involved that are not solely focused on an individual show. Concerted efforts to recruit delegations from multiple Posts and promotion of specific trade shows should only be done for IBP/Trade Fair Certified shows.

Does this effect an organization’s application to the Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP)?

No. These agreements are separate and distinct from the MDCP, so an entity that has a partnership agreement may apply for an MDCP and vice versa though one should not affect any decisions related to the other. http://trade.gov/mdcp/.

Have additional questions about the Strategic Partnership Program?

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