Requesting Assistance:

A company interested in receiving U.S. Government advocacy assistance must first file an Advocacy Questionnaire and Anti-Bribery Agreement with the Advocacy Center. The questionnaire is the Advocacy Center’s formal way for gathering information. It provides an in-depth look at the specifics of the project and outlines what type of assistance is being requested. Along with the questionnaire, the company must complete the Anti-Bribery Agreement, certifying that neither the company nor its affiliates will engage in bribery of foreign officials. Both documents must be signed by an officer of the requesting company and cosigned by an officer of the “Bidder of Record” or overseas partner — if not the requesting company.

The Advocacy Questionnaire and the Anti-Bribery Agreement

The Advocacy Questionnaire was revised in October 2013. The version provided below is valid through May 31, 2015. All prior versions cannot be accepted.

We strongly urge companies interested in applying for U.S. Government advocacy support to speak with an advocacy center staff member prior to filing an Advocacy Questionnaire. Please refer to our online Staff Directory to see the countries or regions for which each staff member is responsible. (If you are new to the advocacy process and have not previously completed the revised advocacy questionnaire, please read the “Advocacy Questionnaire Instruction Sheet” and “Advocacy FAQs” before you file the Advocacy Questionnaire.)

Please ensure that you have Adobe® Acrobat®  (either the “Pro” or the “Standard” version) installed on your computer in order to fill out, save, and electronically send your completed advocacy questionnaire. (Free Adobe® Reader® software does not allow users to edit or save PDF files.)

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Advocacy Questionnaire and Anti-Bribery Agreement*

Note: When your company or any U.S. firm submits a questionnaire to the Advocacy Center, the information in the document is considered business confidential and will not be shared with any person or organization outside the U.S. Government unless the Advocacy Center is given permission to do so by your company.