FAQ: Documents and Paperwork

What are some common export documents and where can I find samples?

Export.gov describes 12 of the most commonly used export documents. Specific requirements vary by destination and product. Descriptions of each document and samples (when available) are available in the International Logistics portion of Export.gov.

How can I learn more about filing a petition?

Antidumping and countervailing duty trade remedies have been successfully pursued by a variety of domestic industries, including producers of steel, industrial equipment, computer chips, agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, and consumer products. Both the Import Administration and the International Trade Commission have staff available to assist domestic industries in deciding whether there is sufficient evidence to file a petition for antidumping or countervailing duty investigations. The staff may also assist eligible small businesses with the filing process. Contact the Import Administration, Petition Counseling and Analysis Unit at (202) 482-1255 or by e-mail at Petition_Counseling@ita.doc.gov.