What Can the Global Automotive Team Do For You?

Members of the Global Automotive Team are your primary export resource and should be your first point of contact when you plan to expand internationally. Why should you work with the Global Automotive Team?

  • Our Team of international trade specialists provide export assistance by helping you identify markets of opportunity and connecting you with qualified distributors and partners in foreign markets
  • We provide up-to-date market research produced by our overseas specialists on market conditions, industry-specific information, areas of growth and opportunity, local competition, distribution channels, and more.
  • We disseminate trade leads at the request of foreign buyers
  • We are present at a most large international trade shows across the globe in an effort to maximize your time at these events through matchmaking and pre-show promotional campaigns to foreign buyers
  • We offer market and issue-specific webinars with industry experts that you can participate in without leaving your desk
  • We organize trade missions to markets that hold great opportunities
  • We maintain and build partnerships with industry associations to jointly promote your interests

Connect with the Automotive Team member at your local U.S. Export Assistance Center today!