Welcome to our international Franchise page. It provides the most recent market research, trade leads and event information. Our worldwide team of Franchise Specialists is prepared to assist in increasing your presence overseas. Franchise Trade Specialists (see right) are available to discuss your international business needs.

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Franchising Facts

The Franchising industry and businesses employs 21 million people and generates $2.3 trillion of economic activity. A new franchise business opens every 8 minutes of every business day.

Like the United States, franchise businesses around the world have seen steady growth in the past decade, particularly in Brazil, China and Mexico. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), their members are eyeing overseas expansion as an important way to diversify their portfolios. For instance, a survey of IFA members last Summer, revealed that 61 percent of respondents currently franchise or operate in international locations, and 16 percent generate between 25 percent and 30 percent of revenue from international activities. Almost three fourths of respondents said they plan to start or accelerate international ventures.  

Want more on Franchising?

  • Utilize the Commercial Service to help you find franchisees abroad or to learn the basics on exporting. Contact a Franchise Trade Specialist (see right).
  • Take a look at IFA’s website ( for expert advice and tips. 

Key Global Franchise Activities

Please take a look at our calendar of events listed here.

Trade Events:

  • New Orleans IFA Convention (February 22-25)
  • London British and International Franchise Expo (March 14-15)
  • Iraq Trade Mission Baghdad and Erbil (March 16-20)
  • Paris Franchise Trade Show (March 23-26)
  • New York International Franchise Expo (June 19-21)

For additional information on these events, contact your local Franchise Trade Specialist listed above.

Detailed Event Information For The British and International Franchise Exposition (BIFE) 2014 (TFC Event) Detailed Event Information For The British and International Franchise Exposition (BIFE) 2014 (TFC Event)
The British and International Franchise Exposition (BIFE) 2014 (TFC Event) -- Franchising
Location/Date: London, United Kingdom 03/14/2014 - 03/15/2014
Event Summary:
The British & International Franchise Exhibition (BIFE) is held annually with the support of the British Franchise Association (BFA). Venture Marketing Group Limited has been holding the British & International Franchise Exhibition for over 20 years and the format provides potential franchisees and investors with the security that the brands with whom they will engage have all been tried and tested. All exhibiting companies are either members of their home franchise association or accredited in the UK by the BFA. The accreditation process ensures that the quality of the exhibiting franchises is of the highest standard possible. A key feature is the target audience is visitors who have the liquid capital available to invest in a franchise, making the networking between franchise owners and franchisees makes this event something that shouldn't be missed if you are looking to expand your brand internationally. While the visitor audience is predominantly UK investors, the exhibition will also be promoted to other European countries as well as emerging markets including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea. Held in conjunction with the International Franchise Conference, the British & International Franchise Exhibition continues to provide expert insight into key issues and trends within the global franchise market.

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