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Safety & Security Resource Guides
The Global Safety & Security Team, in cooperation with multiple industry partners, compiles and publishes a Safety & Security Resource Guide every two years. Below, please find links to our most recent guide, the Global Safety & Security Resource Guide 2013-2014, which offers market insight for over 50 countries around the globe, and our 2012 Guide, which provided insight into opportunities for U.S. safety & security equipment and services in Europe and the Middle East.

Global Safety and Security Resource Guide
A Reference for U.S. Exporters to Worldwide Markets prepared by the Global Safety and Security Team
2013 – 2014 Edition

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Safety and Security Resource Guide for Europe and the Middle East
2012 Edition

While our economy is going through turbulent times, many U.S. safety and security firms, both small and large, have been able to continue their success by looking at foreign buyers and overseas partners. Through this Resource Guide, the U.S. Commercial Service is encouraging more U.S. firms to take advantage of global demand for American technology and expertise in the safety and security sector by exploring foreign markets.
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