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Launch the FTA Tariff Tool

ITA’s FTA Tariff Tool combines tariff and trade data into a simple and easy-to-search public interface.  Using the Tool, users can see how U.S. and FTA partner tariffs on individual products—searchable by keyword or tariff code—are treated under an agreement.  Additionally, U.S. importers and exporters can see the current tariff and future tariffs applied to their products, as well as the date on which those products become duty-free.  Finally, by combining sector and product groups, trade data, and the tariff elimination schedules, users can also analyze how various key sectors are treated under recently concluded FTAs. 

UPDATE (January 13, 2014): The FTA Tariff Tool now agricultural products classified within Chapters 1-24 of the Harmonized System. With this update, the FTA Tariff Tool now covers tariff commitments and rules of origin for all products.

For additional information on agricultural products, including tariffs, tariff-rate quotas and safeguards, please also see the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Tariff Tracker.