U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Declaring Origin

Preferential Tariff Treatment for U.S. Exports

Under the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA) beer, stout, samsu, and medicated samsu originating from the United States are eligible for zero duty rates. All other products from the United States already entered Singapore duty-free. Excise duties on these items will still be applicable at their respective rates.

How to Claim Preferential Treatment

Under the USSFTA, an importer may claim preferential treatment based on the importer's knowledge or on information in the importer's possession that the goods qualify as originating goods. No certificate of origin is required. However, the importer is required to produce the necessary permits together with the invoice, at the time of cargo clearance.

Import of Chewing Gum

Under the USSFTA, Singapore agreed to allow importation of chewing gum with "therapeutic value." Singapore continues to bar imports of gum without "therapeutic value."

Advance Rulings

Under the USFFTA, advance rulings on tariff classification, valuation, and whether a good qualifies for FTA preferential treatment will be issued within 120 days upon receipt of all necessary information and documentation.

For further clarification, you can call the Singapore Customs Call Center at 63552000, followed by (*)(0). Or go to http://www.fta.gov.sg/.