Trade Winds Successes:

U.S. Commercial Service Trade Winds conferences continue to find success around the globe. Whether it is Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Asia, or the Americas, Trade Winds missions help companies establish lasting relationships and increase revenues. It is our aim to include you as the next company reporting export success!


“It’s been a long couple of days but with plenty of accomplishments and success to come. Thank you for all your efforts and preparations for Trade Winds. I must say it has been a total success so far, and exports to come in a very near future. I can witness that you play a very important role in our new business endeavors. Thank you for your efforts to get to know more about our products.” Spectra Colors (Trade Winds Asia 2012)

“I would like to take a moment to thank each of you for providing your expert assistance during our travels into SE Asia. Overall the trip was a success. We had the opportunity to truly learn about the market from those on the ground, make contacts with possible business partners, and learn about other global opportunities we could become a part of to help ensure the international growth we desire.” Consensus Orthopedics (Trade Winds Asia 2012)

“This was the first time for me participating in a Trade Winds event and I have to say that I was really impressed by the organization, the quality of the speakers, the quality of the event and the incredible assistance from all the trade offices to set up our meetings. I am more than confident that we will find the right partners in Asia thanks to the US Department of Commerce. On my side, Asia was a market that I didn't know at all and the amount of information and advices I learnt and was given during those 2 weeks is incredible and priceless.” Miller Weldmaster (Trade Winds Asia 2012)

“It’s worth it, no questions about it! […]Once I saw that there were opportunities in Mexico, it was clear that Trade Winds would be a good way to grow our business. […] It was great to get straight up answers about our prospects in so many markets in one day.” Fuzion Technologies (Trade Winds Mexico)

“[...] Trade Winds forum delivered great results in multiple areas.  We have learned a great deal about the opportunities and hands on intricacies of doing business in the different national markets in Latin America.  [...] Commercial Service officers [...] provided valuable practical advice and contacts that resulted in a conference invitation [...] and business development capabilities [...] we had a chance to interact with local- and global companies and shared experiences that cannot be learned in any other way just by “doing it”.  The forum was a terrific channel to accelerate and enhance entering a region for us.” ActiveMedia (Trade Winds Brazil)

“Trade Winds Mexico 2011 generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new client purchases for our company.  Not even a year in the making, Grovara LLC was speed-lined to the front of the exporting industrial pack - The US Government helped make our business what it is today.” Grovara LLC (Trade Winds Mexico) 

“This program has been incredibly educational and extremely eye opening to the opportunities in Mexico and other Latin/South American countries. The sessions were very useful and brought up many things I hadn’t even thought to consider for exporting!” Duperon (Trade Winds Mexico)

To watch video interviews with participants at Trade Winds Mexico click HERE!

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