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Market Research Reports

Our commercial specialists provide regular reports on market opportunities and trade leads throughout Singapore:

Country Commercial Guide (CCG)

This guide provides U.S. businesses an overview of the Singapore market. It contains information on the economic and commercial environment of Singapore, including best potential market sectors, trade regulations, challenges, etc.

Industry Sector Analysis (ISA)

An Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) is a market research report on a selected industry sector. These reports are prepared by our industry specialists and are free of charge for U.S. companies. All the reports are available to US companies through the Market Research Library. You can also request the latest reports through the form below.

Customized Market Research (CMR)

Access the international market intelligence you need to make informed business decisions regarding exporting. Our in-country experts help U.S. small and medium-sized businesses develop a clear picture of the export prospects for specific products in any given market. You’ll get customized market research reports that address your particular questions regarding:

  • Overall marketability for your products and services;
  • Market trends and size;
  • Customary distribution and promotion practices;
  • Market entry requirements;
  • Regulations, product standards and registration;
  • Key competitors;
  • Potential agents, distributors or strategic partners; and more
    For more information on CMR, send email to Ms. WONG Ailan for more details.

To access the market research reports produced by the U.S. Commercial Service, please visit http://www.export.gov/mrktresearch/index.asp.

Please note that these reports are only available to U.S. Citizens and U.S. companies. Registration to the site is required, but free of charge.