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Gold Key Service (GKS)

The Gold Key Matching Service (GKS) includes:

  • appointments with pre-screened firms interested in client's product(s)/service(s) or in joint venture;
  • use of conference room for one-on-one meetings;
  • market counseling by Commercial Specialist;
  • A Guide for U.S. Exporters;
  • relevant market research;
  • hotel reservations at Embassy rate;
  • car rental arrangements as needed;
  • escort for out-of office calls as available

Rescheduling of appointments costs $100 if client changes dates within 3 weeks of the scheduled GKS date. Post requires 20 sets of product/service literature.

Cost: Please contact us.

Delivery: 6 weeks advance scheduling required.

To participate in our Gold Key Service program, please contact Ms. WONG Ailan at (65)6476-9037 or fax her at (65)6476-9080.