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International Partner Search (IPS)

International Partner Search helps U.S. companies locate partners and licensees in Sweden. This service provides a list of qualified overseas agents, distributors, manufacturers, representatives, joint venture partners, licensees, or strategic partners who have examined the U.S. company's product materials and expressed an interest in the products, services, or partnership.

The Structure of the IPS Report

  • Name, address, e-mail and/or web site addresses of prospective Swedish companies or representatives
  • Name and title of key contact(s)
  • Description of the Swedish company's main activities
  • Each Swedish company's opinion on the market for the US client's product and/or service, their level of interest and the projected success of an agreement or other strategic partnership
  • Commercial Service specialist's opinion on the overall suitability of the identified companies and or representatives
  • Basic market information

Cost and Delivery

The cost for an IPS is as per May 1, 2008, for a Small and Medium size company $550 per product category, for a large company (more than 500 employees), $1,400 and the standard delivery time is 30 working days.

There is a new service offered to New to Export companies that use this service for the first time ever and it is $350. The Commercial Specialist will notify the US company in good time on any delivery time deviations.

For more information, please contact office.stockholm@N0SPAM.trade.gov

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