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If you are a U.S. Company or a U.S. Student/Researcher, registering with Export.gov gives you access to additional information.

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What Happens When I Register?

In addition to accessing market research and trade leads, you can enable Export.gov’s Partner Agencies to contact you with targeted information on potential trade opportunities, trade events, and other export-related government services.

What If I Don't Want to Be Contacted, But Want Access to Market Research and Trade Leads?

You may choose not to be contacted by Export.gov’s Partner Agencies by not checking the “I authorize Trade Promotion Agencies to contact me." box in the registration form.

Privacy of Information Submitted

If you authorize Export.gov to share our company and product information with other Trade Promotion Agencies of the U.S. Government, your information is accessible only to the federal agencies of Export.gov for the purposes of providing targeted export assistance and will not be shared with any other government or non-government entities unless legally obligated to do so. If you do not make this authorization, your information will not be shared with other Trade Promotion Agencies.

For more information on how your registration information is shared and used, please consult Export.gov's privacy policy.

Additional questions on the community should be directed to the Export.gov webmaster.

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