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Welcome to the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service Liaison Office to the Asian Development Bank

Since its founding in 1966, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has worked in partnership with its developing member countries and other stakeholders to improve people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific by alleviating poverty and facilitating sustained and inclusive growth.

The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS) Liaison Office to the Asian Development Bank (CS ADB), based in the U.S. Embassy in Manila and managed by the Advocacy Center, works directly with U.S. firms to target major project, consulting and procurement opportunities generated from the ADB’s direct lending and grant activities. The CS-ADB office was created by the U.S. Congress to provide assistance and advocacy for U.S. firms pursuing business opportunities generated by the ADB's lending and grant activities. The office’s staff of five is currently led by an American Director/Senior Commercial Officer and works closely with the Executive Director of the ADB. CS ADB captures these opportunities and sends them out as bi-monthly reports entitled "Foreign Government Tenders." CS ADB also prepares around 30 market research reports by country, sector, and region based on the ADB’s Country Partnership Strategies. CS-ADB also assists U.S. sponsors/developers of private projects who can benefit from the lending and risk mitigation activities of the ADB’s Private Sector Department, and the ADB’s Office of Co-financing Operations.

Business Services
CS-ADB provides the following services to U.S. firms and organizations:

  • Counseling: One-on-one consultations on how to do business with the ADB.
  • Market Research and Outreach: Information on ADB project and procurement opportunities and business orientation seminars. Arrangement of marketing presentations to ADB project, sector, and financial specialists.
  • Key Contact Information: Appointments with ADB experts.
  • Advocacy: Active support to U.S. businesses competing for procurements (including representations and guidance on bidding and resolving payment problems).

Asian Development Bank US&FCS Commercial Liaisons

Manila, Philippines

Office Phone: 63-2-887-1345 — Office Fax: 63-2-887-1164



Margaret Keshishian

Senior Commercial Officer

Cecile Santos

U.S. Business Advisor

Michael Mia

Commercial Assistant

Aimee Jader

Administrative Assistant

Brix Pring

Commercial Clerk

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