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Doing Business with the Asian Development Bank

ADB is a multilateral financial institution, which aims to improve the living standards of its Developing Member Countries (DMCs) throughout the Asia and Pacific region. ADB business opportunities arise primarily in the following sectors, where ADB actively funds development projects:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector (including disaster management)
  • Education and Training Sector (including distance learning)
  • Energy Sector (including electric power, oil & gas and renewable energy)
  • Environment Sector (including water supply, waste treatment and environmental management)
  • Industry, Finance and Other Services Sector (including banking, insurance and project finance)
  • Healthcare and Nutrition Sector
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector (incl. e-government services)
  • Transportation Sector (including road, rail, port and airport projects)
  • Urban Development Sector (including housing and infrastructure)

ADB lending activities in 2013

ADB’s 2013 loan approvals reached US $13.19 billion. In addition, ADB provided US $142 million in equity investments; US $849 million in grants; US $149 million in technical assistance (TA); and US $35 million in guarantees.

In 2013, India was the largest loan recipient with $2.4 billion. China was second with $2 billion; Pakistan was third with $1.5 billion; Indonesia - a close fourth with $1 billion; and Philippines was fifth with $0.9 billion.

In 2012, Transport and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) received the largest share at US $3.7 billion (31%), followed by Energy with US $2.6 billion (22%). Public Sector Management as well as Water Supply received US $1.4 billion (12%) and US $1.2 billion (10%), respectively. Agriculture and Natural Resources had US $1 million (9%).

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