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ADB Business Opportunities Open for U.S. Firms

The ADB’s project lending & grant activities to its developing member countries generate procurement and consulting opportunities for qualified U.S. firms and individuals. From 2011 to 2013, U.S. companies won approximately $957 million in procurement contracts.

Business opportunities are found throughout the ADB project cycle:

  • Planned projects: the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) is a formal document negotiated between the ADB and each DMC that provides brief project information for Developing Member Countries’ (DMC) pipeline projects. The CPS describes ADB’s lending program in each DMC for a three-year rolling period. (CS ADB Market Briefs are based on the CPS) U.S. Firms can formulate an early marketing strategy based on this document.
  • During the project processing cycle, ADB contracts directly with consulting and engineering design firms to conduct feasibility studies, and to refine the project design and prepare loan documents. (CS ADB reports these new opportunities as monthly International Market Insights by e-mail).
  • Upon ADB approval of a loan project, the borrowing government’s Executing Agency prepares the bid documents and international tenders for procurement of goods, and any additional consulting services required for the project execution (CS ADB reports these new procurement opportunities monthly by e-mail as Foreign Government Tenders).

The U.S. is an ADB member country, which makes U.S. firms eligible to bid on ADB-generated business opportunities. ADB procurement rules prevail throughout the project cycle to ensure open and transparent competition. Contract awards are based on the merits of the proposals.

Bidding for Consulting Services

Bidding for Procurement Opportunities

The Private Sector and ADB

ADB also lends directly to privately owned enterprises for financially viable projects with significant developmental impact.  In lending to private sector projects, ADB plays the role of a catalyst to leverage additional investment and financing, and to mitigate risks of co-financiers and private developers.  The primary focus of the bank’s private sector lending is finance and infrastructure.  Learn more by clicking on ADB’s Private Sector Operations.