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Services for U.S. Companies

The CS ADB liaison office helps US firms through:

  • counseling and market research,
  • introductions/appointments with key ADB officers,
  • electronic distribution of monthly new project alerts,
  • ADB Business Opportunity Seminars in the U.S. and Asia, and
  • individual advocacy to ensure fair and transparent competition.

The CS ADB coordinates with the Office of the U.S. Executive Director at ADB on its efforts on behalf of U.S. clients and the global network of US Commercial Service offices.

CS ADB provides the following services free of charge to U.S. firms pursuing business opportunities at ADB:

  • Market Research: Monthly alerts on new opportunities through our International Market Insight reports. CS ADB produces Market Briefs based on ADB’s Country Partnership Strategies, which indicate planned and approved ADB projects. Click here for CS ADB Trade Leads.
  • Counseling: We give comprehensive advice to our clients on how to successfully pursue ADB opportunities. We do it during in-office visits, outreach missions, tele- or video-conferencing, and via email.
  • Business Facilitation Service: We organize tailor-made meetings with ADB officers to facilitate informal marketing, or technical presentations by U.S. firms to ADB staff. Our office also works with other CS colleagues in the region to facilitate Gold Key schedules with business and government contacts in other Asian markets.
  • Trade Events: We organize ADB Business Opportunities Seminars in United States and Asia in cooperation with ADB, US Export Assistance Centers, and other partner organizations.
  • Advocacy: In partnership with the U.S. Executive Director's office at the ADB, we provide U.S. Government advocacy on behalf of U.S. firms, and in support of open and transparent competition, where necessary.

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