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CS ADB Monthly Alerts

Foreign Government Tenders (FGTs)

The FGT report augments our series of regular monthly reports, giving U.S. exporters information about imminent government tenders under ADB projects. The FGTs focus on national procurements including advance actions, as well as current procurement and recruitment of consultants for ADB-financed projects.

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International Market Insights (IMIs)

The IMI report is a compilation of newly announced development projects and programs, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which have entered the active processing stage.  IMIs are released monthly to alert U.S. firms of these proposed projects, approved loans, technical assistance (TA) and grants under which works, goods and consulting services will be procured.  For technical assistance (TA) projects, which are used to prepare and implement projects and support the bank’s advisory and regional activities, consulting services are almost always required.

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