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Welcome to the Commercial Liaison Office at the African Development Bank

U.S. companies interested in business opportunities available through the African Development Bank (AfDB) should contact AfDB Commercial liaison in U.S. Embassy Tunis, dedicated to assisting and supporting U.S. companies by:

  • Counseling you on how to approach the Bank and borrowing governments;
  • Conversing with project task managers at the Bank to get you updates on specific projects;
  • Advocating on your company's behalf to ensure that your project bid is receiving fair consideration in relation to other project bids.
  • Identification of Business Opportunities
  • Identifying Bank-funded projects that present opportunities for your products and/or services;
  • Informing you of relevant Invitations to Bid (Specific Procurement Notices) as they become available;
  • Identifying upcoming projects that present a good opportunity for your company;  
  • Keeping you informed of Bank-procured contracts, such as policy studies (e.g., gender, environment) and goods/services directly procured by the Bank.

Contact Email: afdbcommercialliaison@state.gov

Website: http://tunisia.usembassy.gov/afdb-commercial-liaison.html