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How We Can Help U.S. Companies

When a U.S. company experiences a trade-related problem in Argentina, our experts use a variety of tools to achieve a resolution, tailoring the approach to the company’s needs. These problems can range from short-term issues, such as getting a product through customs, to longer-term, systemic challenges, like the Government of Argentina reserving an entire industry sector for domestic firms.

The process starts when a U.S. company reports a trade barrier to the Argentina Desk Officer in Washington, D.C. with a call to (202) 482-6311 or an e-mail describing the problem, its impact on the company’s ability to export and the desired resolution.

After receiving the background information, we will assemble a coordinated team from across the U.S. government to work on the problem. This team of experts will develop and implement an action plan, utilizing our experience and contacts within Argentina’s government, regional governance bodies, and international organizations. If the team can’t resolve the problem, they will partner with USTR to pursue formal enforcement action.

The International Trade Administration (ITA) has successfully resolved problems for hundreds of U.S. companies such as yours – at no cost to the company.