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Guidebooks to Doing Business in Australia

For American companies, Australia’s appeal is still compelling: few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, sophisticated consumer and industrial demand, and a straightforward business culture.  The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement enhances the long and successful trading relationship by eliminating tariffs on almost all manufactured and agricultural goods.  The Agreement also eased investment rules, and opened all levels of the Australian government procurement market to U.S. companies. We believe this is an excellent time for American companies with innovative products and technologies to develop an entry strategy for the Australian market, or to re-examine previous business plans for this market. Various sources have submitted informative guides on “How to Do Business in Australia”. 

Australian Investment Climate Statement
– Economic Section
U.S. Embassy Canberra

An in-depth look at Australia as a market for U.S. investment.

Australian Market Overview
– U.S. Commercial Service
American Consulate General Sydney

A review of the Australian market plus advice on challenges, opportunities and entry strategy.

Business Travel to Australia
– U.S. Commercial Service
American Consulate General Sydney

This guide offers practical advice to the business traveler to Australia including: customs, visa requirements, telecommunication, transportation, health, time zones, business hours, holidays and local government travel website links.

Doing Business in Australia
– Hall Chadwick

If you are contemplating 'doing business in Australia' it is imperative to find the right advice to familiarize yourself with the market, whether it be establishing or expanding a business in Australia. It is vital to have a thorough understanding of the taxation system and commercial laws, as well as the different cultural, political, administrative and legal issues – our 24 page guide will get you started.

Employing Staff in Australia: your obligations

If you are employing staff in Australia for the first time, this fact sheet will help you understand your tax and superannuation obligations.

Franchising in Australia
-Baybridge Lawyers

Topical and informative articles focusing on the franchising sector in Australia.

Franchising in Australia
– Wisewould Mahony Lawyers

Regularly updated articles focusing on the franchising sector in Australia.

“How To” Social Media Guide for Small Businesses

– U.S. Small Business Administration

How to Get More Tweets, Likes and Other Shares on Your Blog Posts - Social media can play a huge role in your small business.  Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are excellent for raising awareness of – and developing an audience for – your blog.  So then it becomes a question of how to get more people sharing your blog posts more frequently.  In other words, how do you get more tweets, Facebook Likes, Google +1s, Pinterest pins, Stumbleupon stumbles, and other social shares?  Here are seven tried and true ways.

Moving to Australia
– Commonwealth Bank of Australia

To help you to understand the Australian banking system and the services available, take a look at this comprehensive guidebook.

Moving to Australia Checklist
– Commonwealth Bank of Australia

A helpful checklist of the things you need to do prior to relocating to Australia.

Setting up in Australia
–Penguin Management

Practical information on setting up your own business in Australia.

The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement

Information sourced from various resources on the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement.