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Business Matchmaking

Gold Key

This service includes personal accompaniment by a Commercial Specialist, translation (if necessary) and a preferential hotel rate. The product or service will also be featured on our website for one year. Belgium is part of the Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg) market. Belgium is also accredited to Luxembourg and can prepare a Gold Key Service for both markets. In order to make the most of their resources and to take full advantage of the Benelux market, companies participating in Gold Key Services in Belgium should also consider contacting the Netherlands.

CS Contact: Farris, Laurie

International Partner Search

To help U.S. companies find local partners and licensees abroad, the International Partner Search (IPS) provides a report on up to five qualified overseas agents, distributors, manufacturers representatives, joint venture partners, licensees, franchisees, or strategic partners who have examined a U.S. company's materials and have expressed an interest in the company's products, services, or licenses, or have expressed an interest in otherwise partnering with the company. The price for this service is $790 per IPS per category of business partner with a delivery time of 30 business days. The fee for delivery of the IPS in less than 30 business days or for additional data amount, depends on total costs. Credit card transactions are preferred, but other payment options, including electronic fund transfers, can be arranged.

CS Contact: Farris, Laurie

Single Company Promotion

Introduction of new products or services to targeted audiences. We can help in every phase of planning and organizing the event based on the company's promotion goals and objectives. Basic fee includes logistical and administrative support. Other expenditures such as hospitality, printing, postage, and hotel facilities, if needed, are charged separately.

CS Contact: Farris, Laurie

Franchise Partner Service Search

The objective of the Franchise Partner Search Service is to assist U.S. franchise firms in expanding in Belgium. This time and cost saving program is designed to identify potential investors and provide updated research on the Belgian market.

Franchise companies have unique needs when expanding internationally. For these companies, Belgium offers a special program that includes an advertising and a direct mailing campaign in order to fully explore the potential market.

As with the standard Gold Key Service, you provide us with information about your company and the business partner you are looking for in Belgium. We contact prospective partners, either with an ad or a mailing, provide interested parties with your company information, and set up a schedule of meetings on a date of your choice.

We can also help you arrange hotel, car rental, communication, secretarial and translation services.

CS Contact: Vantomme, Karel