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Market Intelligence


Quicktake (QT) is a Europe-wide electronic counseling service offered by industry sector. It offers: a quick, expert opinion by up to 30 European market specialists (EMS) on a product’s or service’s potential for export success; targeted feedback on the compatibility of the product or service with local tastes and suggested technical modifications; advice on where to start in Europe; information on competition and current and future demand; insight into relevant European Union regulations, standards and legislation; and suggested next steps---all within 15 business days.

CS Contact: Bel, Ira

Customized Market Research

Product-specific list of companies that could serve as potential agents/distributors. List includes basic contact information: company name, address, telephone, fax and email address, as available.

CS Contact: Farris, Laurie

International Company Profile

To assist U.S. companies to enter international business relationships with confidence, the International Company Profile (ICP) helps U.S. companies evaluate potential business partners by providing a detailed report on overseas companies which have been personally visited by a Commercial Specialist or Commercial Officer. Through the service, clients can request answers to detailed questions about overseas companies on a variety of issues and receive expert advice from our commercial specialists about the relative strength of the firm in its market and its reliability, among other things. Upon request, detailed questions will be asked of the overseas companies, beyond those in the standard questionnaire. If additional questions are required, or if a deadline of less than 10 business days is necessary, an additional fee will be charged.

CS Contact: Farris, Laurie