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Olympic Procurement Opportunities

The 2016 Rio Organizing Olympic Committee will pay special attention to sustainable development in their procurement announcements. However, unlike other procurement opportunities in Brazil, it is our understanding that there will not be as strong of an emphasis on local content requirements since the services will be considered a one-time purchase. Therefore, U.S. firms that are not invested in Brazil may still have a strong incentive to bid on these projects, especially firms that have had experience supplying goods and services to previous Olympics or major sports events and can address Brazil’s sustainable development goals within their bids.

Brazilian Constitution provides that all governmental purchases, at Federal, State and Municipal levels should be contracted through public tenders. This is regulated by the Brazilian Bid Law (Law 8,666/1993). The procurement process for the Olympic Games will be announced in early 2013 on the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee Website http://www.rio2016.org/ This will include the Supplier Portal where interested companies can register. All procurements for the 2016 Games should be finalized by 2014 and implemented by 2015, according to the Committee´s Supply Chain Program below:

ocurement Olympics 2016

U.S. companies interested in learning more about the procurement process can stay informed through the Committee’s website or by contacting the U.S. Commercial Service.

There will be opportunities for U.S. companies to help Brazil improve its infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships at all levels of government. In order to do so, foreign companies must have a Brazilian representative participating in the public tenders.

For any additional information, please contact the U.S. Commercial Service at:

Patrick Levy

Business Development Specialist

55 21 3823-2413