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Useful Links

In addition to the links in our Doing Business in Brazil section, we recommend that you review the following government and private sector sites. They offer useful information for US companies interested in doing business in Brazil. If you know of other links useful to US exporters, please contact us so that we can consider including them in this listing.

U.S. Government

U.S. Government Export Assistance:

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Brazilian Government

Brazil’s Economic Outlook

  • Brazilian Embassy in Washington - Overview of the economy : http://www.brasilemb.org - American Chamber of Commerce - Business information about Brazil : http://www.amcham.com.br
  • Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. - Business information about Brazil: http://www.brazilcham.com

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There is a Brazilian association for practically every industry sector; however, since most of their websites are in Portuguese, we recommending that you contact one of our industry sector experts for more specific information on a given sector. We maintain working relationships with most of the industrial and service associations in Brazil.

Links to web sites outside the U.S. Government or the use of trade, firm, or corporation names within U.S. Commercial Service web sites are for the convenience of the user. Such links and use do not constitute an express or implied official endorsement or approval by the US Department of Commerce of any private sector website, or of the products or services of specifically identified companies or of any of the private entities that may have contributed to a U.S. Commercial Service website.

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