U.S. Department of Commerce
Infrastructure Business Development Mission
To Brazil, Colombia and Panama
Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Infrastructure Business Development Mission to Brazil, Colombia and Panama. This Mission promises to be rewarding as the Department in cooperation with the private sector, strives to further both U.S. commercial policy objectives and advance specific business interests in the region.


1. Please download and complete the Department of Commerce Official Trade Mission Application Form (total of 4 pages).

2. On the application form, please indicate which mission to are applying to:

a. Brazil, Colombia and Panama (May 12-18, 2013)

b. Colombia and Panama (May 14-18, 2013)

3. Submit completed applications via email (BusinessLiaison@doc.gov) or fax (202-482-4054).

4. The Department of Commerce will evaluate applications and inform applicants of selection decisions at 2 points during the recruitment period. A portion of the participants will be selected each time and informed of their selection as soon as possible in order to allow them to begin preparing for the business development mission. All remaining applications and any additional applications received in the interim will be evaluated simultaneously at the following evaluation. Deadlines for each round of evaluation are as follows:

a. Friday, March 8, 2013

b. Friday, March 22, 2013

5. Applications received after the March 22nd deadline will be considered only if space and scheduling constraints permit.

For additional questions, please contact the Office of Business Liaison at (202) 482-1360 or BusinessLiaison@doc.gov.

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