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The Platinum Key Service (PKS) is aiming at a long-term sustained support by the
U.S. Commercial Service for any U.S. firm targeting the Bulgarian market.

Among the types of services that our Platinum Key Client might select are:

One day Gold Key Service (GKS) which will allow you to meet in person with prescreened prospect companies, your future agents/distributors/representatives or meet with respective Ministry officials or any future partners that you may be targeting, or

International Company Profile (ICP) report for a Bulgarian company which you may selected to work with, plus

Marketing Information Package, containing possible information and marketing tools, early alerts, focused biannual update and commentary on emerging opportunities, market trends, key players, government articles from major newspapers (please visit the link for the information package table of content), plus

U.S. Meetings: Commercial Service staff will be available for consultations during travel in the U.S. or through the US pavilions at larger European International Shows, plus

Access to customized Tele - and Video-Conferences.

For further information on how to subscribe for PKS, please contact office.sofia@trade.gov