Private Business Consultations with U.S. Commercial Diplomats

What do foreign markets look like for your company? Meet with U.S. Commercial Diplomats from around Europe to gain customized advice for your company. Whether it’s market opportunities, challenges, or general questions, this is your chance to learn from the in-country experts who promote U.S. exports and help firms succeed.


Beryl Blecher/Sylvia Mohr – European Union (standards/regs)

Carmine D'Aloisio – Italy

Cheryl Dukelow – Ukraine

Jane Kitson – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Bosnia and Slovenia

Jennifer Kane – Ireland and United Kingdom

John Fay – Turkey

Keith Kirkham – Russia

Nicholas Kuchova – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland

Pamela Ward – Belgium, France, and Netherlands

Robert Jones – Spain, Portugal, and Greece

Stuart Schaag – Poland and Czech Republic

Volker Wirsdorf – Germany, Austria, and Slovakia


ACE (Architecture, Construction, & Engineering) – Tuula Ahlstrom

Aerospace & Defense – Moritz Holst

Agribusiness (Turkey) – Perim Akguner

Apparel (Turkey) – Perim Akguner

Automotive – Natasha Keylard

Building Products – Tuula Ahlstrom

Cosmetics – Elisa Martucci

Cosmetics (Turkey) – Perim Akguner

Education & Training – Jesus Garcia

Energy – Dr. Claudia Colombo (PhD)

Environmental Technologies – Tuula Ahlstrom

Franchising – Angela Turrin

Healthcare – Sabina Kroigaard

ICT – Jesus Garcia

Medical Devices & Equipment – Sabina Kroigaard

Nutritional Supplements – Elisa Martucci

Safety & Security – Natasha Keylard

Sporting Goods – Moritz Holst

Sporting Goods (Turkey) – Perim Akguner