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Commercial News USA

Looking for an Affordable Way to Reach International Buyers?

Our magazine-Commercial News USA- will promote your products and services to buyers, distributors, and representatives in more than 145 countries. This widely read publication is distributed outside of the United States, free of charge to buyers, through U.S. Embassies/Consulates and trading partners worldwide.

You can benefit NOW from an ad in Commercial News USA! You will receive:

  • Broad Distribution - Approximately 140,000 copies are distributed in more than 145 countries and at trade shows. Total estimated readership is 450,000.
  • Multiple languages - Spanish issues are released four times each year.
  • Direct Response - Inquires go directly to you, the advertiser, allowing for prompt follow-up and sales.
  • Web Site Listing - The publication is also available on-line at where importers can search based on their criteria.
  • Low-cost Options - Listings start at $495. Frequency discounts are available.
  • Variety of Listing Options - Black/white or color and partial or full page options.
    Credibility - An official US Department of Commerce export promotion magazine for more than 20 years.

Featured U.S. Exporters

Featured U.S. Exporters (or FUSE) is a directory of U.S. products featured on U.S. Commercial Services websites around the world. It gives your company an opportunity to target specific markets in the local language of business. Currently, listings are offered to qualified U.S. exporters seeking trade leads or representation in over 50 markets around the world. The nominal participation fee for one year (minimum $25) is based on the number of markets selected and translation requirements. You are required to choose at least 5 English language markets, or some other combination totaling $25 USD or more. Companies that wish to renew their listings may pay a reduced fee.

Want to see what a FUSE listing looks like? See this listing created for a U.S. manufacturer seeking a distributor for the Chinese market (note the text has been translated to the local language of business in China).

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Gold Key Service

Interested in Meeting Prequalified International Buyers and Partners?

Get the most out of your next international business trip and schedule meetings before you arrive. The Gold Key Service is your customized service for finding potential agents, distributors, sales representatives, and other business partners.

You Will Receive:

  • Appointments with prequalified sales representatives and partners.
  • Customized market and industry briefings with U.S. Commercial Service staff in advance of business meetings.
  • Market research on your industry sector.
  • Assistance with travel, accommodations, interpreter service, and clerical support.
  • A video conference option if your schedule doesn't permit international travel.
  • Post-meeting debriefing with U.S. Commercial Service staff to discuss results of meetings and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies.

International Company Profile

Need Faster Credit Checks on International Partners?

International Company Profiles provide you with background reports on companies in a large array of countries. Our worldwide network of trade specialists can analyze the overall strength of a company and provide useful information collected from our industry contacts, local press, and other sources. These reports are required by many export financing organizations.

We Provide:

  • A detailed background report on a prospective sales representative or partner in 10 days or less.
  • A listing of the company's senior management.
  • Banking and other financial information about the company.
  • Our insight on whether the prospective partner can meet your needs.
  • Our opinion as to the strength of the company versus its competitors.
  • Our insight into the strength of the industry in your target market.
  • International Partner Search Want to increase your sales through distributors and other strategic partners?

International Partner Searches

Put our team of experts in over 80 countries to work finding you the most suitable licensees, distributors, agents, and strategic partners. You provide your marketing materials and background on your company. Using our worldwide network and extensive contacts in the target market, we identify potential partners and provide you with a detailed description of up to five prequalified prospects.

You Will:

  • Save valuable time and money by working only with prequalified international partners that best meet your needs.
  • Obtain valuable information on the marketability and sales potential for your products and services.
  • Receive detailed information about prospective partners, plus key information from them about the marketability of your products and services in the host country.
  • Get all this information in just 15 working days.

International Video Conferencing

On a fee for service basis we can arrange for video conferencing at a number of cities worldwide.

Leads, intelligence, and assistance in the development of specific major projects

Show Time

Showtime is a service designed to help U.S. companies identify additional high-potential markets for their products while attending major Trade Shows. Showtime allows our clients to leverage their participation at a major trade event by meeting with Commercial Service Trade Advisor's from various countries to receive one-on-one counseling sessions on exporting to these markets.

Single Company Promotion

Our Single Company Promotion Service is designed to give a boost to any U.S. firm's efforts to launch a product or service overseas, find new customers, conduct a technical training program on their product or service, or otherwise get the word out about their capabilities. For a reasonable, our Commercial Service overseas staff will assist you to professionally organize an effective promotional event, including helping identify the right attendees from the overseas business community, locating a suitable venue, sending invitations, promoting the event, and performing other logistical support.

Here is what we provide for your Single Company Promotion fee:

  • Assistance with developing a custom-tailored approach to arranging and promoting your company's event;
  • Identification of a suitable location, date and time for the event (room rental costs are extra);
  • Use of the Commercial Service logo on invitations to your event, assistance with having them printed and distributed, and RSVPs received;
  • Promotion of your event to relevant contacts in our industry sector databases;
  • Advice on other promotional channels to use, such as newspapers, Internet, trade magazines, and other broadcast and print media (at additional cost to you).

Video Gold Key Service

The Video Gold Key Service is a custom-tailored “individual partner search” for representatives of U.S. firms using video-conferencing in lieu of a visit to a particular country.