How to Find Your HS or Schedule B Number

HS 12

What is an HS or Schedule B Number and Why is it Important?

An HS (Harmonized System) or Schedule B Number is a number assigned to a product for classification purposes.  They help authorities to quickly identify a product.  By international agreement, most countries around the world recognize the same first 6 digits of the number.  This helps to speed the export process, and to minimalize confusion and misunderstanding that may occur when trying to identify a product descriptively.

Exporters need to know the HS or Schedule B Numbers for their products for several reasons.  One needs an HS / Schedule B Number to determine tariff rates, complete Shipper's Export Declarations, complete certificate of origin paperwork, and determine if a product qualifies for preferential treatment under a free trade agreement.  HS Numbers can also be used to build market research, and identify foreign markets where similar products are currently being exported.

How to Find Your HS or Schedule B Number

1. Go to

2. Scroll about midway down the page to the heading "Search" (see first image to the right).

3. Type your product keyword into the box and click the "Search!" button (see second image to the right).

4. The search engine will return a Schedule B Number appropriate to the entered keyword. For Example see third image to the right.

HS 1HS 2HS 3

How to Confirm your HS or Schedule B Number

1. Call 1-800-549-0595, pick option 2 for assistance in finding a Schedule B Number for a specific product.

2. Or for durable goods call (301) 763-3259, for non-durable goods call (301) 763-3484.