East Bay EDA's 20th Anniversary Celebration

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From left to right: Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Domestic Operations of the U.S. Commercial Service; Khanh Tran & Isela Cazarez, U.S. Commericial Service Trade Assistants; Mo Qayoumi, President of California State University, East Bay

On Thursday, December 2, 2010 Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) Ro Khanna addressed an audience of over 300 during the East Bay Economic Development Agency's 20th Anniversary Celebration in Oakland, California. In the audience, there were numerous East Bay municipal, county, state government representatives, as well as Congressional District representatives. The East Bay EDA invited the Commerce Department to speak on topics such as the National Export Initiative (NEI), as well as job creation and economic development through public-private partnerships. California State University (CSU) East Bay President Mo Qayoumi introduced DAS Khanna. Ro spoke about the grant support the Commerce Department's Economic Development Administration provided to the East Bay to assist with manufacturing job retention and creation after the New United Motors automobile plant closure. He also commended the student internship partnership between CSU East Bay and the U.S. Commercial Service. As part of his commendation, Ro recognized Oakland EAC Director Rod Hirsch and his office's two CSU East Bay interns present at the event.

For more information about East Bay Economic Development Alliance, please visit http://www.eastbayeda.org/

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From left to right: Rod Hirsch, Director of U.S. Commerical Service; Khanh Tran , U.S. Commericial Service Trade Assistant; Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Domestic Operations of the U.S. Commercial Service

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