Export Achievement Certificate


The Export Achievement Certificate was created to recognize small and medium-sized enterprises that have successfully entered the international marketplace for the first time or that have successfully entered a new market.

Nominations are encouraged and can be accepted throughout the year from local businesses, elected officials and community leaders. Nominations should be submitted to your local U.S. Export Assistance Center.

All nominations are reviewed to make sure the exporter meets the criteria specified below. Certificates will be presented in ceremonies that can include U.S. Department of Commerce officials and local elected officials.

Who is Eligible?

H Eligibility for the Certificate will be on a one-time basis.

H Firms must meet the U.S. Commercial Service definition of a “New-To-Export” or “New-To-Market” company.

H A “New-To-Export” company is one that has never exported before, or whose previous exports were more than 24 months ago. A “New-To-Market” company is a company that has exported before, but not to the particular country.

H Firms will be eligible for the certificate upon the successful completion of an export transaction.

H If a company has exported within the last 24 months, they may still qualify if previous exports were unsolicited orders or orders from a U.S.-based intermediary.

U.S Department of Commerce