MedStart Seminar: Selling Medical Technology Overseas

On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) and its MedStart program held a workshop on selling medical technology overseas at the Sacramento California campus of Drexel University Center for Graduate Studies. The main speaker was Senior International Trade Specialist, Tony Hill, who covers Health Technology for the Sacramento USEAC. The Sacramento USEAC also helped organize and promote this event.

MedStart is an initiative of SARTA that is designed to assist and accelerate the development of medical technology ventures within the Greater Sacramento Region. MedStart helps entrepreneurs assemble solid management teams, secure adequate funding and accelerate the commercialization of sound product ideas.

The workshop began with a continental breakfast and networking between the attendees. SARTA and Drexel representatives started the workshop with welcoming open remarks. ITS Hill was the first speaker and he began by describing the US & Foreign Commercial Service. ITS Hill described the global network and the services that are available through the Commercial Service. He gave examples of some medical and health technology market research available through the Commercial Service and also talked about using trade statistics to focus a company’s export plans. ITS Hill also described some medical related export successes to show examples of how the Commercial Service can assist with the unique challenges of exporting medical products. ITS Hill went into detail about different partner matching programs and then talked about assistance with information on export licensing and export certificates that are available through the Food and Drug Administration.

Following ITS Hill was a presentation by Jerry Avila, the Regional Manager for the Small Business Administration. Mr. Avila talked about export financing and discussed the different export financing programs provided through the Small Business Administration. The next presenter was Bob Wieland, North California District Marketing, UPS - Northern California District. Mr. Wieland is a specialist with UPS Health and Medical products group. Mr. Wieland gave a detailed presentation of all the special services that UPS can provide to assist medical product exporters. After the presentations were finished there was a short question and answer session for all of the speakers.