Import/Export Workshop Sponsored by Sacramento USEAC with Sacramento Business Information Center

On Friday, January 14, 2011 the Sacramento Export Assistance Center hosted an Import/Export Workshop in collaboration with a local business promotion organization, the Business Information Center (BIC) on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento California. This event was held at the facilities of the BIC with a total of 36 participants attending the workshop.

The workshop began with welcoming open remarks and a presentation by Senior International Trade Specialist, Tony Hill of the Sacramento USEAC. ITS Hill began by describing how to start creating an export plan, how to do market research and resources for market research. ITS Hill then talked in detail about the Commercial Service and the different services and research that are available to exporters. ITS Hill gave a brief overview of export documentation, export licensing, free trade agreements, and export certifications. ITS Hill ended his presentation with a brief discussion of Ex-Im Bank programs for financing exports.

Following ITS Hill was a presentation by Ruth Southworth, a Global Account Manager for the US Postal Service. Ms. Southworth gave a detailed presentation of all the services that the Postal Service can provide to exporters. The next presenter was Jerry Avila, the Regional Manager for the Small Business Administration. Mr. Avila talked about export financing and discussed the different export financing programs provided through the Small Business Administration.

The concluding and featured speaker was Paul Ahdan, President of Rantronics International. Mr. Ahdan began by advising participants to be aware of cultural differences in international trade. Other topics he covered included trade terminologies, sales and marketing, traveling and negotiations, and import/export business commandments.