White House Business Council – Winning the Future Roundtable

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012 the Sacramento U.S. Export Assistance Center (Sacramento USEAC) participated in the “Winning the Future Roundtable with American Business”, organized by the Northern California World Trade Center on behalf of the White House Business Council. This event was a roundtable discussion with business leaders and was moderated by Peter M. Perez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing of the International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Los Rios Community College provided the conference room for the event and the Sacramento USEAC staff, George Tastard and Anthony Hill took notes. In attendance were eleven business and community leaders from the greater Sacramento region.

The roundtable began with the participants introducing themselves. DAS Perez then asked, by show of hands, which of the participants was more optimistic today than they were a year ago. Next, he asked how many of them would be hiring more people and how many would be investing in new projects or new equipment. He then asked each participant to talk about what keeps them up at night, what is it in their business that is of most concern. Each participant expressed concerns such as the lack of technical training and ability to problem solve. There were a variety of other concerns such as with government regulations, and regulatory uncertainty, foreign payment problems, and access to capital. Finally, DAS Perez asked if there was anything else that the participants wanted to discuss. One company expressed support for the Ex-Im Bank re-authorization and thought Ex-Im Bank programs should be deployed more rigorously.