Read About Our Past Events and Activities

Congressman Wally Herger’s Trade Agreements Forum, May 24, 2012

Northern California World Trade Center, 15th Annual Consular Corps Luncheon, May 22, 2012

White House Business Council, “Winning the Future Roundtable with American Business”, May 22, 2012

International Trade Forum with SBDC Chico, California, May 1, 2012

International Breakfast Forum with US Ambassador to Mexico, E. Anthony Wayne, March 30, 2012

SARTA’s Sacramento Clean Tech Showcase, October 24, 2011

Shanghai Education Delegation at UC Davis, October 20, 2011

International Trading Partner Series: Australia, October 5, 2011

International Trading Partner Series: New Zealand, August 2011

Hydrovision International, July 2011

MedStart Seminar: Selling Medical Technology Overseas, June 22, 2011

Northern California World Trade Center's 14th Annual Consular Corps Luncheon, June 2, 2011

Small Business Resource Summit, May 26, 2011

Med-Tech Showcase, May 6, 2011

Import/Export Orientation Seminars with Center for International Trade Development, April 5th & 29th, 2011

International Trade Partner Series – Chile with Northern California World Trade Center, February 28, 2011

Trade Skills Workshop in Stockton California with Merced CITD, February 24, 2011

Import/Export Workshop, Citrus Heights, March 29, 2011

Unified Wine Symposium, January 26-27, 2011

Import/Export Workshop, Stockton Boulevard, January 14, 2011

SARTA Clean Tech Showcase, October 26, 2010