Matt Andersen, USEAC Director - San Diego & Imperial Region email

Trade Partners, Energy, Business Services, Select USA, Press, Congress,

District Export Council

Phone: 858-467-7033

Carrie Brooks, Senior International Trade Specialist email

Information Technology, Life Sciences, Food/Beverage and related equipment; North San Diego County Partners

Phone: 858-467-7034

Kathy Bridges, International Trade Specialist email

Consumer Goods, Automotive, Entertainment, Publishing, Digital Media, Audio Visual

Phone: 858-467-7036

Julie Osman, Senior International Trade Specialist email

Aerospace & Defense; Safety & Security Equipment, Education and Training, Sporting Goods, Apparel

Phone: 858-467-7037

Rick de Lambert, Commercial Officer email

California-Mexico Border Trade Director, Tourism, Agriculture, Construction/Building

Phone: 858-467-7041

Kevin Guillen, DEC Scholar email

San Diego & Imperial District Export Council – DEC Scholar

DEC Event & Project Management; Market Research

Phone: 858-467-7040

International Trade Interns

Rebecca Korff email

Meredith Royer email

Other ITA & Federal Staff in San Diego Office

Susan Hupka, Deputy Director

ITA/CS International Operations, Western Hemisphere

Phone: 858-467-7042 email

Sandra Donzella, Portfolio Manager

Western Region, Export-Import Bank of the United States

Phone: 858-467-7035 email

Trade Information Center
1-800-USA-TRADE (1-800-872-8723). The Trade Information Center works in conjunction with your local office. For immediate export assistance or for answers to your technical questions on exporting, call M-F 8:30am - 6:00 pm Eastern time.