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About the U.S. Commercial Service Canada

Founded in 1980, the United States Commercial Service in Canada (USCS Canada) has helped U.S. businesses meet and exceed their exporting needs. Our trade specialists utilize a unique global network, a vast knowledge of markets and industries, and inventive application of information technology to assist U.S. firms export their goods and services to the Canadian marketplace. With offices in five cities across the country, we provide distinctive regional solutions, while maintaining a nationwide perspective.

US CS Vision, Mission and Client Service Principles

Vision Statement

The U.S. Commercial Service -- Creating Prosperity through Global Trade.

Mission Statement

  • We promote economic prosperity, enhance job creation, and strengthen national security through a global network of the best international trade professionals in the world.
  • We promote and protect U.S. commercial interests abroad and deliver customized solutions to ensure that U.S. businesses compete and win in the global marketplace.

Client Service Principles

The following principles guide all Commercial Service employees in pursuing excellence in client service and ensure the client is at the forefront of everything we do.  These principles incorporate research and studies by customer relationship management departments and consulting firms.  These steps of service ensure satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

  • Treat each client in a manner that makes the client feel welcomed, valued and respected.
  • Be a valuable asset in helping the client develop and fulfill their objectives.
  • Capitalize on the organization's global network by working and communicating openly as a team.
  • Build goodwill and loyalty by delivering for your client.
  • Take responsibility for your client's satisfaction.
  • Wow the client and increase client loyalty.  Exceed client expectations in both delivery and satisfaction.

Our Services

Our export promotion activities serve three types of client companies: new-to-export (NTE), new-to-market (NTM), and increase-to-market (ITM).  To accomplish its mission, USCS offers a very broad range of assistance to all three types of U.S. companies, from counseling U.S. exporters to offering client companies services to find international business partners and participate in trade events.

USCS also supports their commercial interests concerning foreign market access, advocacy and trade complaints.  USCS also partners with selected host countries and U.S. organizations (multipliers), and service providers to extend our outreach, especially to NTEs. 

We measure our success on the basis of our client's success - Join us today. Start Exporting!

For more information about USCS Canada, our services, or to get
started exporting, please contact one of our USCS Canada commercial specialists.