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Commercial Service Montreal

Address: 1155 Saint-Alexandre
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3Z1
Phone: (514) 398-9695 ext. 2220
Fax: (514) 398-0711
Email: office.montreal@trade.gov

Connie Irrera, Commercial Specialist
Phone: (514) 398-9695 ext. 2262
Email: connie.irrera@trade.gov

  • Responsible for national industry sectors across Canada such as Biotechnology; Dental Equipment; Drugs and Pharmaceuticals; General Science & Technology; Healthcare Services; Medical Equipment; Laboratory & Scientific Instruments; Veterinary Equipment; Hotel and Restaurant Equipment; Artwork/Commercial Art; Books and Periodicals.

Gina Bento, Commercial Specialist
Phone: (514) 398-9695 ext. 2260
Email: gina.bento@trade.gov

  • Responsible for national industry sectors across Canada such as Aerospace products and services: Aircraft and parts; Airport/ground support equipment and Aviation services; also, Forestry related products: Forestry and Woodworking Machinery; Paper/Paperboard; and Pulp and Paper Equipment.

Sue Bissi, Commercial Assistant
Phone: (514) 398-9695 ext. 2273
Email: sue.bissi@trade.gov

  • Responsible for national industry sectors across Canada such as Textiles and Personal Care products: Cosmetics and Toiletries; Travel and Tourism to the United States. Also handles all administrative functions related to commerce and trade services, as well as the Business Information Center and Internship Coordination.

  • Meet Bryan Erwin, Director of the Department of Commerce's Advocacy Center.  He recently visited Canada and stopped by the Embassy to talk about his appreciation for Canada's fair and open trade processes.  http://youtu.be/BAgbLl13e8E
  • The Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) eManifest initiative is changing the way commercial goods coming into Canada are processed.  Learn more and stay informed! Visit the CBSA Web site regularly and subscribe to the eManifest RSS news feed to receive updates when they happen.