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Commercial Service Toronto

Address: Suite 602 - 480 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V2
Phone: (416) 595-5412
Fax:(416) 595-5419
Email: office.toronto@trade.gov

Canadian Mailing Address:
360 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1S4

Frank Carrico, Principal Commercial Officer and Consul for Commercial Affairs
Phone: (416) 595-5412 ext. 222
Email: frank.carrico@trade.gov

  • Frank Carrico is the Principal Commercial Officer (Commercial Consul) at the Consulate General in Toronto and supervises an office on all U.S.-Ontario Province trade programs and event activity for the Consulate and Department of Commerce. His office has a Deputy and three trade specialists who work a busy schedule of programs and events in all sectors and coordinate activities in the auto, heavy machinery, smart grid electrification, construction, film and media, and travel & tourism markets throughout Canada.

    Frank’s earlier assignment was Regional Senior Commerce Officer at U.S. Embassy Stockholm and supervised Commerce offices in Sweden and Denmark and active State partner posts at U.S. Embassies in Riga and Reykjavik. Frank and his offices supported regional Nordic-Baltic trade activities as well as Europe’s first Commerce Renewable Energy-Energy Efficiency (clean tech) team in Europe.

    Before Sweden, Frank served as the Senior Commerce Officer in Iraq, supervising Commerce and DOD employees in Baghdad, Erbil, and Amman, Jordan. During this time, Frank and his offices assisted with U.S. export sales of over $9 billion, principally in commercial aircraft and power generation equipment.

    Before Iraq, Frank was Principal Officer in São Paulo, and Acting Deputy SCO for much of his posting, in one of Commerce’s largest offices. He supervised a large group of nationals and officers, an office in Porto Alegre, and a partner post in Paraguay. In his last year at post, his office accounted for over $1.5 billion in U.S. export and commercial diplomatic successes with over 500 export successes. He has a degree in Brazilian Portuguese with minor in Latin American studies and speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

    Before Brazil, Frank was the Senior Commerce Officer at U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine and responsible for regional programs, including regional SABIT training and BISNIS development programs throughout the independent states of the former Soviet Union. During his posting, Frank quadrupled U.S. export sales and client programs. He speaks good Russian and was a Russian interpreter during military service.

    Prior to Kyiv, Frank served in Tokyo as Trade Center Director and Commerce Officer at U.S. Embassy Tokyo where he was responsible for supervision of Tokyo trade events and client programs, particularly in healthcare, ICT, renewable energy, and education markets. He speaks and reads some Japanese.

    Before Japan, and immediately after German re-unification, Frank served as Commerce Officer in the newly established Commerce Office in Berlin where he helped U.S. companies establish first-time partnerships and sales in the reunified eastern Germany states. He speaks good German.

    Before beginning his public service, Frank worked as Marketing Director for Lansmont Corporation and Cyberware Laboratories, central California manufacturers of laser electronics, measurement systems, and bundled software for international and domestic sales in medical research, industrial design in the auto and aerospace sectors, electronics, and film post-production. Before his work in California, Frank worked in Texas as an oil and gas financial executive with Tesoro Petroleum. He received an MBA from the University of Texas Austin after three years of military service as a Russian translator in Germany.

Doug Jacobson, Deputy Principal Commercial Officer
Phone: (416) 595-5412 ext. 236
Email: Doug.Jacobson@trade.gov

  • Doug coordinates U.S. Travel & Tourism promotion efforts among the four U.S. Commercial Service offices in Canada. He also has sector responsibilities in the automotive, construction/building and consumer products areas. Doug manages Toronto’s Bridges to Canada trade promotion events and the International Client Finder for all of Commercial Service Canada; both providing opportunities for U.S. companies to find and meet potential Canadian business partners.

    From 2008 to 2010, Doug was detailed by the U.S. Department of Commerce to the Mike Mansfield Foundation. As one of five Mansfield Fellows, he worked inside the Japanese Government in Tokyo for 14 months. He joined the U.S. Commercial Service in 2000. As a Trade Specialist at the Minneapolis, Minnesota field office, Doug spent over eight years assisting Minnesota-based companies promote their goods and services abroad.

    A native of Minnesota, Doug earned his Master’s Degree in International Management from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota and undergraduate degrees in International Relations and Japanese from the University of Iowa.

Stefan Popescu, Commercial Specialist
Phone: (416) 595-5412, ext. 223
Email: stefan.popescu@trade.gov

  • Responsible for the following sectors across Canada: General Industrial Equipment, Electrical Power Systems, Renewable Energy and Solar Energy
    and Wind Energy Equipment; Transportation Services; Automotive Parts
    & Services; Automotive & Light Trucks/Vans; Trucks, Trailers & Buses; and Railroad Equipment; Chemical Production Machinery; Composite Materials; Advanced Ceramics; Industrial Chemicals; Plastics Production Machinery; and Plastic Materials & Resins; also serving the Services sector in accounting, advertising, financial, general services, employment, insurance, investment and leasing.

Ruth Williamson, Commercial Specialist
Phone: (416) 595-5412, ext. 238
Email: ruth.williamson@trade.gov

  • Responsible for the following sectors across Canada: Travel & Tourism;
    Building/Construction Products and Services.

Pixie Irving, Commercial Assistant
Phone: (416) 595-5412 ext. 224
Email: pixie.irving@trade.gov

  • Responsible for the following sectors across Canada: Food Processing and Packaging Equipment; Furniture; General Consumer Goods; and Household Consumer Goods. Pixie is also the Budget and Systems Administrator for the office and is the National Coordinator for the CS Canada Internship Program which she also manages regionally for the CS Toronto office.

Canada - US Trade Stats
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