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A Top Export Prospect for Canada

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Canada is one of the world's leading mining countries and largest producers of minerals and metals. Non-metallic minerals will continue to dominate production, followed by coal and metallic minerals. Approximately 60 percent of the world’s exploration companies are Canadian, spending more on exploration programs than any other country. The Canadian metals and mining industry reported revenues of $39.46 billion in 2010, and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7 percent through 2015.

About two-thirds of the mining equipment market, approximately two billion dollars in 2010, was supplied by U.S. exports. This is expected to grow to $2.62 billion by 2015.

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Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Specialty mining
  • Mining equipment replacement parts
  • Exploration, drilling, and mine construction services
  • Environmental remediation services
  • Mining safety and security equipment and services

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  • Northern Plan (Plan Nord) Mining Projects – approximately eleven mining projects to be launched in the coming years with an estimate of US$8.13 billion in investments.
  • Mount Milligan Mine, BC: gold-copper mine construction started in 2010.
  • Galore Creek Development, BC: copper/gold/silver mine; in feasibility study phase.
  • Potash One’s Legacy Project, SK: $2.8B awaiting environmental permits, financing.

Major upcoming events/trade shows supported by CS Canada in this sector:

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