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Travel and Tourism
A Top Export Prospect for Canada

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Canada continued to deliver the largest inbound travel market to the United States in 2010 at 20 million visitors, up 11 percent from 2009, and equal to 33 percent of total international visitation. Canadian visitation is forecasted to increase 34 percent from 2010-2016.

Canada ranks first in travel and tourism-related spending at $20.8 billion in 2010 or 15.5 percent of total international spending. Canadian travel and tourism accounted for 42 percent of total services exports to Canada in 2010.

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Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Cross-Border Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Sports Tourism
  • Time Share / Second Home Investment
  • Medical Tourism

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  • Strength of the Canadian dollar increases visitation to and purchasing power in the United States.
  • Canadians are unique in their visitation to all states, travelling across all seasons.
  • Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec account for the largest share of visitors to the United States.
  • A long wait time for medical treatment in Canada increases the demand for medical treatment in the United States.

Upcoming events/trade shows supported by CS Canada in this sector:

  • Outdoor & Adventure Travel Show: March 17-18, 2012, Ottawa, ON
  • Discover America Day, Media Marketplace: October 2, 2012, Toronto, ON
  • CT’s World of Travel Shows, Discover America Pavilions 2012:
    Toronto – October 2, 2012
    Ottawa – October 3, 2012
    Montreal – October 4, 2012
    Calgary – October 16, 2012
    Vancouver – October 18, 2012
  • International Travel & Tourism Show: October 19-21, 2012, Montreal, QC

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U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (Source of data on Canadian travel and tourism preferences and trends.)

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