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We stand ready to help you do business in The Caribbean with your U.S. products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For expedited, personalized commercial assistance, please contact the Commercial Specialist responsible for your industry sector as per the listing below. Should your sector not be listed, please contact our office for assistance. You will receive a reply to your request for information within two business days.

Commercial Service Caribbean Office

Av. Republica de Colombia No. 57

Arroyo Hondo

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Phone: 809/ 567-7775 ext. 7249

E-mail: office.santodomingo@trade.gov

For Assistance in the Caribbean Region

Isabella Cascarano

Counselor for Commercial Affairs for the Caribbean Region

Phone: 809/ 567-7775 ext. 7249

E-mail: Isabella.cascarano@trade.gov

Rafael A. Patiño

Commercial Officer

Phone: 809/ 567-7775 ext. 7249

E-mail: Rafael.patino@trade.gov

Maria Elena Portorreal

Senior Commercial Specialist

Phone: 809/ 368-7220

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7220

E-mail: maria.portorreal@trade.gov

Industries Covered

  • Automotive Parts and Services Equipment
  • Automobile, Light Truck and Vans
  • Financial Services
  • Food Processing and Packaging Equipment
  • Franchising
  • Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
  • Travel and Tourism Services

For Assistance in the Dominican Republic (Only)

Sheila Diaz de Andujar

Commercial Specialist

Phone: 809/ 368-7307

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7307

E-mail: sheila.andujar@trade.gov

Industries Covered:

  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Computer Software and Services
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Defense/Aviation
  • Environmental
  • Fashion Industry
  • Information and Communications Technology Services
  • Safety and Security Equipment
  • Sporting Goods and Recreational Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Services
  • Textile Machinery

Yira Roa

Commercial Specialist

Phone: 809/ 368-7336

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7336

E-mail: yira.roa@trade.gov

Industries Covered:

  • Agricultural and Industrial Machinery and Services
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy
  • Health Care Services
  • Leasing Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Printing and Graphic Arts
  • Used/Refurbished Equipment

Haydee Calero

Regional Financial Analyst

Phone: 809/ 368-7394

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7394

Email: haydee.calero@trade.gov

Rhina Ramirez V.

Commercial Assistant

Phone: 809/ 368-7423

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7423

E-mail: rhina.ramirez@trade.gov

Inés Gerez


Phone: 809/ 368-7249

809/ 567-7775 ext. 7249

E-mail: ines.gerez@trade.gov