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Commercial Diplomacy

Level the Global Playing Field for International Procurement.

International business is easier today than ever, and exporting to Caribbean government customers is one of the most lucrative opportunities. That is unless your company encounters an unfair evaluation on your proposal, aggressive Caribbean government support of competing offers, a questionable procurement process, or bureaucratic red tape. We’re here to help.

Count on the U.S. Commercial Service’s Advocacy Center to level the playing field for your company. Our trade professionals open doors that no one else can.

We coordinate strategies for focusing U.S. Government resources to engage Caribbean governments and ensure that U.S. products and services have the best possible change to compete abroad. Our goal is to ensure that international contract awards based on a full and fair evaluation of the commercial and technical merits of all offers.

Trade Advocacy Services

  • Receive government-to-government support in promotion of U.S. exports and employment.
  • Counter foreign government advocacy and political pressure.
  • Benefit from transparency and fairness in the tender processes.
  • Leverage partner U.S. government agencies in the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee.

A Compelling Strategy

Our process is designated to ensure credible support of the national interest and engagement of U.S. Government officials, leading to more effective advocacy for your firm. The steps include:

  • Your firm submits an Advocacy Questionnaire and Anti-Bribery Agreement.
  • We vet companies to ensure that only reputable and legitimate businesses receive U.S. Government support.
  • We coordinate interagency determination that providing advocacy is in the U.S. national interest.
  • We work with the U.S. Embassy to create the best Advocacy strategy.
  • Your firm receives coordinated U.S. Government support for your international bid.

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