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In 2011, Chile’s construction sector grew by 9% (a sharp improvement from the contraction of 5.7% recorded in 2009), and is expected to grow by 11% in 2012. Public investment reached $ 2.5 billion during 2011 and industry analysts expect the construction sector to continue expanding significantly at least until 2015, driven by higher investment in housing and infrastructure.

Most of this new growth will be fueled by massive investment in mining projects in northern Chile and related energy projects. Investment in mining over the next five years is expected to total US$ 50 billion. In addition, the Chilean government will continue efforts to finalize repair and rebuilding of housing and public infrastructure damaged or destroyed during the February 2010 earthquake. The administration also updated the country’s concession programs, promising fresh investment in port

expansions, new highways and other infrastructure, totaling US$ 14 billion through 2014.

With 36.8% of the Chilean market, the U.S. is the single largest supplier of the Chilean construction industry, mostly with high-tech building materials and capital equipment, followed by Germany (15.9%), Japan (9.8%), and China (4%).

Based upon the most recent sectorial forecasts, the construction industry (public and private combined) will invest almost US$ 34 billion in 2012.


  • Housing (all income levels, but with special emphasis on social projects)
  • Public Works (highways, airports, ports, hospitals)
  • Mining & general industry construction
  • Private buildings (offices, hotels, first & second homes, lake and beach resorts)
  • Retail, especially shopping malls
  • Educational and private health facilities
  • Industrial facilities

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