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Customized Trade Assistance

Planning and Strategy

  • Create a comprehensive international business plan for entry or expansion into Chile.
  • Get ideas and cost-effective solutions to help achieve your business goals.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

  • Understand and comply with global product standards, certification requirements, electricity regulations, and packaging laws.
  • Learn how to avoid intellectual property rights issues and legal disputes.

Trade Problems

  • Get assistance with customs-related issues.
  • Obtain advocacy support if your company’s exports or Chilean bids are adversely affected by a trade barrier or by market access issues.
  • Learn how to limit the risk of non-payment, and receive counseling if problems arise.

Trade Finance and Insurance

  • Formulate an export finance strategy leveraging loan programs provided by the Export-Import Bank of America, the Small Business Administration, and other trade finance organizations to reduce risk and enable your company to offer competitive terms of sale in Chile.
  • Get guidance on pricing your products and services to ensure competitiveness in the Chilean market while maximizing your profits.

Cost: Many of these services are complimentary, but a fee may be attached to more intensive and long-term consultations.

* For more information, please contact us at Santiago.Office.Box@trade.gov or contact the Commercial Specialist covering your industry through our Contact Us page.