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International Company Profile

The International Company Profile (ICP) is a useful due diligence tool for American companies seeking to enter international business relationships. The ICP provides you with an in-depth background check on Chilean limited liability firms. Reports on partnerships and sole traders may also be possible depending on information availability.

The ICP is compiled using published information from a variety of sources, as well as feedback from telephone interviews with the potential partner and its suppliers and customers. The ICP delivers a report that will enable you to make a sound judgment as to the relative strength of the firm in its market and its reliability. In particular, the report details:

  • Company size and sales
  • Background and production information
  • Financial Data
  • Company Officers
  • Company Reputation
  • References from clients and partners
  • Market information and outlook
  • CS Santiago analysis

Cost: To be determined in consultation with Post.

* For more information, please contact us at Santiago.Office.Box@trade.gov or contact the Commercial Specialist covering your industry through our Contact Us page.