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Beijing Snapshot

Our office's mission is to assist American businesses enter and succeed in the Central and Northwest China markets (Shandong province, Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, and the sub-regions of Central and Northwest China).

  • Our jurisdiction covers an area of 5,489,617 square kilometers
  • 580 million people live in this region

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China, and the country's political and cultural center. It has a long history that dates back more than 3000 years, and has served as the center of power for more than 500 of those years. Beijing is not only China's political center, but also its cultural one. The Chinese language dialect spoken in Beijing, putonghua, serves as the model for the rest of the country to follow, and is the language of instruction taught in schools across the country. All of China, ranging from the Western portions of the country to the Southern reaches, sets their clocks to Beijing time. Beijing is the model for a distinctively Chinese development, and is a city that has undergone drastic changes over the past 20 years; an example for the rest of China to emulate. These changes continue to keep pace today, and present a wide range of opportunities for foreign investment.

Beijing is also home to 475 research centers, and more than 60 institutions of higher learning, including Peking University and Qinghua University. Beijingers are perhaps the most well-educated in all of China, and are at the forefront of technological change and advancement in the country.

Beijing is a city of more than 12.5 million inhabitants, a municipal area occupying 16,808 square kilometers. Together with Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing, Beijing is classified as a separate municipality with the same status and responsibilities as a province. This special status enables the Beijing municipal government to approve independent foreign investment projects up to a value of $30 million, making it an attractive location for foreign investment in China. The major industries in Beijing include tourism, electronics, chemicals, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, textiles, garments, and household appliances.


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