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Located on the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is one of Eastern China’s major economic centers. Nestled between mountains and ocean, Qingdao’s unique cityscape is studded with lovely beaches, classic European architecture and ample green landscape. The city is well known for its historic and scenic tourist attractions. It is also one of the best places in China to live and do business.

The World Bank honored Qingdao as one of China’s six “Golden cities” (a measure of investment climate, harmoniousness, governance and other measures). In recent years, the city has attracted billions in foreign direct investment and engages in trade with virtually every country on the planet. Among the city’s 17,854 foreign investment projects, 76 Fortune 500 companies have established projects in Qingdao. In 2008 exports in the city reach US $32.6 billion and imports reached US $21 billion. Given that the city has access to one of the largest ports in Eastern China, it is an ideal location to set up an import and export related business.

Leading Industries

Qingdao ranks high as a potential export market because of its numerous industries, which include alcoholic beverages (the famous Tsingtao Brewery is located here), auto manufacturing, building materials, cargo handling, chemical fertilizers, consumer electronics, food processing equipment, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, steel, and textiles & apparel. The local government has placed special emphasis on the development of consumer electronics. Qingdao is home to more than 30 research, higher-education, and managerial institutions and has roughly 800,000 scientifically and technically skilled personnel.

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