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Located just 75 miles southeast of Beijing, Tianjin is China’s third largest city and one of the fastest growing economies in the country. One of only four municipalities that are directly administered by the central government, Tianjin is being groomed by national planners to become one of the key industrial and distribution hubs of North-central China. Tianjin lies at the crossroads of six national highways, as well as seven expressways, and is home to the sixth largest port in China.

The city’s rapid growth has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in its demand for foreign goods. Tianjin’s imports from numerous key industries have increased by double-digit figures in recent years. The United States is Tianjin’s third largest trading partner— 10% the city’s imports originate in the U.S.

Leading Industries

Tianjin’s role as an export-processing center for a wide range of products makes it an important industrial base in north-central China. Foreign-invested enterprises (FIE) contribute significantly to Tianjin’s economy, accounting for 49% of gross industrial output; the FIE share in advanced technology industrial production is even higher.

During the past decade, six industries have emerged: automobiles, electronics, petrochemical products, metallurgy, medicine and energy. These key industries are supported by a host of secondary industries, including advanced building materials, plastic products, durable consumer goods, medicine, and food & beverage packaging.

Free Trade/Development Zones and Ports

o Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

  • Largest Free Trade Zone in Northern China

o Tianjin Baodi Economic and Technological Development Area

o Tianjin Economic & Technological Development Area (Also mentioned as TEDA)

o Tianjin Export Processing Zone

o Tianjin Tanggu National Marine High-Tech Development Area

o Tianjin High-tech Industry Park

o Tianjin Airport Industrial Park

o Tianjin Airport International Logistics Zone

o Huayuan Industrial Development Park

o Wuqin Development Area

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